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Massage Therapy & Structural Integration

Structural Integration

Massage Therapy

Structural Integration is the name of a series of sessions put together as a "recipe" of myofascial manipulations on the lines of stress which build together to allow the body to better align itself to the stresses asserted on it by gravity. With better alignment brings better movement, energy, balance and general feeling of increased health.

Dr. Ida Rolf originated this work which has now developed into a number of different interpretations and branches from the original series. Rolfing, Structural Integration, NISA, Kinesis Myofascial Integration, Hellerwork are a few examples of these techniques.

Massage Therapy is known mainly to be based on Swedish techniques but can cover a much more vast range of techniques, incorporating aspects of other types of massage. It also may involve, assessment, stretching, joint mobilization, trigger point, remedial exercises, myofascial and lymph drainage techniques for example.

To be a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) or claim to be doing Therapeutic Massage in Ontario, you must have completed a diploma program with one of the College of Massage Therapist (CMTO) recognized schools and passed the colleges entrance exams as well as maintaining a yearly registration with the CMTO.

Massage Therapy can treat many different physical conditions and help improve or compliment other therapeutic treatments. A large part of that is finding a therapist that works and gives you results.